Lessons Learned at Founders meet kandivali [futurewise office]

Think deep about  problem you are solving and the objections  your business will face . 

What to build is the most important decision and is independent of technology .
We need to think deep about existing problems , current user behaviour , current customer  objections about new solutions.
convert in your face hard problems into opportunities .
example - if a food startup is worried about how the food will stay hot after delivery , they need to convert this into a USP by keeping microwaves in the delivery van or in hot boxes .
It will help if we answer all the questions that might be asked by prospects and project them as added value .

Optimize by doing the right thing at the right time .
Ronak from futurewise suggested that we work on immediate goals first and then move on towards events that might need attention later .
Venkat from Apartment Adda mentioned that in a startup areas that need attention keep changing so we have to shift priorities accordingly .

How you say it is more important than  what you say .

If you are debating with someone and both of you are passionate about respective points of view , it is best to put forth your point as an option that might be looked into . it is best to avoid finding mistakes and staying far away from criticicizing a point as perspectives , context varies from situation to situation . in short - avoid getting into arguments always with customers , colleagues .
[Venkat from Apartment Adda  was exceptionally adept at this . ]

Entrepreneurship is hard , really really hard - Be aware of this and accept this and keep floating 

If we are aware about the hardships and accept them as part of the job then its easier to keep moving and coming up with new creative energy in easy and hard times .
reminded of mohammed alis quote here - Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee .
when its hard - float
when its easy - sting

Do what your interested in always as it could take a long time .

How to find problems to solve .

Be aware its a slow process and usually takes time to evolve , meanwhile keep working , observing , learning , sharing knowledge and doing new stuff .

Rise and shine 
see previous blog post .
Be a part of the grind and try to evolve .
learn new stuff to be able to do what matters .
Break self created limitations .