What happened at mumpy on sunday 22nd september 2013

Hello guys

I had an eventful sunday and attended mumpy after mumbai toastmasters .
Got to meet cool hackers - dhruv , ankur , martin , vineet , tirtesh , talvinder , gaurav .

So lets see what happened at mumpy :

First up Dhruv started a session about python basics .
He fired up ipython and demo’ed examples to explain python basics .
it was kinda similar to google python class but much more interactive , fun and cool jokes thrown in by dhruv .
amazing session to revise the basics and focus on few gotchas .

To see few gotchas , try to guess the output of below and post your explainations in the comments :
l = [1,a,3]


s = “karan”
s1 = s.reverse()
print s

l = [1,a,c]
b = l.sort()
print l

a = (1,2,3)

Guys who attended please post more gotchas if you bumped into them .

Next up ankur started a tallk on pycharm - a python ide.
The key benefit of pycharm is that it allows you to do lot of stuff from the editor itself like git commands , starting django projects and so on .

personally i am sold on emacs and the benefit it gives that you can do everything from the keyboard itself and need to touch the mouse very very few times , the shortcuts , macros , programmability of emacs is truly amazing .
i also need to start trying vim as i have heard it gives emacs a run for its money :)

In the breaktime ankur was also telling us about cool products from thinklabs that enable kids to learn —– hold your breath —– Robotics !!!
I found this incredible and super impressive work is being done by thinklabs .

Next up was the talk that blew me away and probably everyone else too.

Martin came up on the floor and spoke about how to be better programmers . Martin has 30 years programming experience . yes 30 years :)

He is 67 years of age but looks 37 and really fit .

Key points from martin were that we should accept programming is a high stress , long hours (at times) job.

So we should take generous vacations , time off and get away from our desks for outdoor cool activities  - biking , swimming , soccer , yoga , tai chi , climb mountains .

Also Reading is really a key task all programmers should imbibe . without any reading we are all quite useless irrespective of our talents , smarts .

Martin said that to build real stuff  we need to work effectively in teams and so we need knowledge about high level stuff of software engineering after being cool with the programming language (python !!!)

He recommended a book list to learn such stuff :
clean code
clean coder
dont make me think
design of everyday things
Test driven development
Code complete
pragmatic programmer
Design patterns by gang of 4
Implementation patterns
(if you have read  one from above - you can give a talk during next mumpy !!!)
I will add few links to the above post soon …

Next event -Barcamp on coming sunday 29th september

cheers to all programmers . Happy coding