All of my coding projects so far !!!

I read gabriel weinbergs post about all his projects and am inspired to list down and soon grow my  list of failed projects to make it cool .

1) [2007] Javascript hangman 
Showed it to few friends , could not upload it anywhere for free
should have uploaded it .
animation was based on showing and hiding divs , friends laughed at the animation :)

2) [2007] bouncing ball java applet with my name written on it 
Made a java applet which had a bouncing ball with my name written on it .
Made this as i had found some free hosting to host java applets .
The free hosting had many ads on the side .
called up friends to show it to them , they all had a hard time finding out the ball and ignoring the ads !!

3) [2008] Javascript Tic Tac Toe 
One night after work , just had to make something so wrote this .
showed it to friends at home . they agreed that it works inspite of few bugs !!

4) [2008]Tax calculation for Boxfresh ecommerce online store .
I was working in a services company during this time and it was the first time i was writing new code in production .
An ecommerce store wanted to change tax calculations on their IBM websphere commerce server .
did this in 2 weeks .
on the day of release - they said the call centre component also needed to be synced with these changes .I thought the call centre screens were not being used as no one mentioned it and none of the docs said anything about them .
Stayed back in office and completed it throughout the night .
Next morning the project manager encouraged me to leave on time and not stay over at my desk :)
I had also  bunked a friends birthday bash over this release and she ignored all my calls the next day !
On time and On budget !!!

5) [2008] Login overlay for Kickers exommerce websites 
The kickers brand had a neat red color website and wanted to use jquery to make the login overlays .
This went off pretty well but my manager had to do the merging on  the production server . production and dev were not entirely in sync and we did not have good version control so he thought i had scrwed this up .
GIT wasnt available then and our svn was not well used .

4) [2009] Greeting card designer for festivals 
I had started freelancing now and a customer asked me to clone mypunchbowl .
I had completed half of it and the feature list kept on growing . Vineet joined me half way and we added photos , videos , wall like facebook , greeting card maker , events rsvp and many more features .
They should have launched it but decided to create an enhanced version for 1 more year :)

5) [2010] Payroll manager side project 
This was a dead simple web based payroll manager . I had to leave it half way and could not complete the server side code .
Lost the code when i shifted to a newer computer :)

Looking forward to add new projects to this list !!!
Hacker friends - do create your list and share