What happened at mumpy November 17th 2013 sunday

Hello friends
In this post , I am going to tell you what happened at mumpy on november 17th 2013 .

First up we had a quick volunteers meet .
we decided to allow talks from all groups like mumjs , ruby , php , ios , android groups .
All the talks will now be clubbed and we can call this as mumbai technology meet .

  1. we will create hasgeek funnel to list all the tech talks and everyone will vote for the talks they want to attend . 
  2. the talk that gets max votes gets a chance to happen
  3. we will also list all tasks of the group on the website and volunteers can pick them up and deliver . 
  4. All talk videos will be recorded and posted on the website . 
  5. I along with akhil , jinesh will be doing the videos bit . (we need to learn a lot about taking crisp videos , editing and making it cool . so if you know any resources - please post in comments . )

Next up was the highlight of the day - @amitu talks on importD
It looked like a cool wrapper with neat ways to do form handler views - he used fhurls for this and smarturls library was used so that you do not have to use regex in urls.py (personally i like rgex in urls.py so did not find need for smarturls library .

importD also looked impressive for creating api of your app - i need to play around this feature today and see what happens :)

I am  fan of @amitu and @rahulg from the time i first saw vakow demo quite some time back at a barcamp .
you can also checkout mailverine by amitu . it looks like very cool project indeed for hackers to save time they kill on  twitter
and if you do try  - don’t forget to subscribe to my awesome tweets -  . LOL :)

@naiquevin asked some good questions during @amitu talks .

If we are lucky to get the videos saved till next week in the cam - i shall upload these . (we did not have the microusb cable yesterday !!! )

Next up we had @mehulved with the Firefox OS phone (ZTE ).

I found it quite cool without any major hindrance .
you can build apps with just html , css and dont need to learn android for this
so it might take off for current low price end of symbian users .

Stay tuned for next mumpy meet - it will keep getting awesome !!