Why Arvind kejriwal has inspired and confused me.

Arvind Kejriwaal started out with the dharma(purpose of his life) to free India of corruption in order to attain swaraj . 
Many facts are present that prove India is/was a land of great riches , blessings from the universe , almighty . 

So the quest to attain freedom to restore our country to its original prosperous state has driven many great leaders in the past example - lal bhadur shastri , mahatma gandhi and also more recently - rajiv dixit , anna hazare , Arvind kejriwal .
So in order to fulfill his dharma of achieving swaraj AK first worked as RTI activist , joined anna hazare , worked in slums . 

Then he realised that entering the system to clean it from inside is necessary in order to bring about change otherwise change is too slow and evils on other side are too useless to improve by watching social activists .

So he fought delhi elections and won them to become chief minister .  

Now AK could have chosen all the right ways to work and bring about proven change to fight next LS elections .

But he decided to go full throttle and wanted suddenly express change and reach his dharma very quickly !!!

So he decided that Karma(path , works and efforts) does not matter that much - only Dharma matters .  
Or maybe the constant hard knocks of life and evil politicians made him feel that without tweaking karma or taking some wrong paths - he will not be able to achieve swaraj .

The weakness of human mind took over and all wrong karmas were opted for conveniently now . Lying started !!!
example -
1) He told barkha dutt that he has no house now and so will stay in CM house .
during election he had shown 2 houses (i need to verify the status of this news by going through the documents and enquiring further)

2) He is saying modi is with ambani and trying to increase gas prices whereas court case is going on from gujarat government against gas prices .

3) He talks bad about ambani on a channel which mostly is purchased by ambani !!!

4) He told janlokpal copy was given to other parties whereas all other parties say they couldnt read the bill .

5) Anna said yesterday that he could have tackled constitutional problem easily if he wanted to .

6) He gave 372 crore to bses (reliance) and this money was supposed to be used for infrastructure (I need to further verify this)

Maybe some points are not verified and untrue but at least 1 point could be true.(high probability)

Now it is natural to think :
agar iske karam change ho gaye hai aaj
to kya kal dharam bhi badal jaayega ???
So unfortunately its wait and watch or watch from the inside by becoming AAP member as of now to ensure arvind kejriwal’s dharma (purpose in life) will not change.


——— news collected from fb , television
———- view from karan ahuja
(take it or leave it but plz be involved in watching whats happening with our great country so that we can discuss and also work to change it )