What Happened At first Datameet event in mumbai ?

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I attended the first datameet event at S.P.I.T college in mumbai.
Datameet is a google group of data enthusiasts.
You can join here - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/datameet
Bangalore has a very enthusiastic chapter of datameet .
Mumbai Datameet chapter has just got started.

The meet started off with introductions.
You can follow the attendees from here - http://www.meetup.com/DataMeet-Mumbai/events/198529372/

Ajay kelkar sir from hansacequity kicked off the meet and spoke about the Open Data Movement.
He mentioned The Quantified Self Movement which I studied and have got really interested in and am tracking each of my thoughts and activities raw data using a tool called  toggl.
Steve Pavlina also menthions that if you track your time you will be more productive.
Ajay kelkar sir spoke really well about how chicago has opened city data and leveraging it to make life better.
At this point the enthusiasm about what we can do with data in mumbai , maharastra started rising and was palpable.

Next up wasRitvvij Parrikh from pykih on the basic ideas behind data visualization.
He spoke well about the mistakes that can be made while creating visualizations.
The meaning behind the data should come out seamlessly and should be lucid , easy to grasp by the audience.
This can be a lot of work and requires , design thinking , statistics know how to be merged.

Next up was Sanjit Oberai from IndiaSpend .
IndiaSpend works in data journalism.
They work on topics of politics , data about government and policies in India.
Sanjit explained how they collect data and use tools such as Infogram,Datamapper to create effective visualizations.
Ritviij and sanjit mentioned that data journalism involves creation of visualizations for stories and also apps to drive user action when required.
Sanjit clearly explained how data journalists work with different data sources like data.gov.in , nic to collect , analyze , visualize data for their stories.

The last talk was by srinivas on use of selenium , phantomjs for data scraping.

Bangalore datameet folks are having a ball at their meetups.
Sajjad Anwar from bangalore  told us how they have hackathons to convert pdf files into more palatable sources of data.
You can also checkout sajjads awesome work here - http://geohacker.in/

The idea that we can change life , world by smartly working with data is really tempting for programmers.
I am really excited to learn , explore , work more on this.

On my way back i met awesome tech folks who told me about R users group in mumbai !!! - http://www.meetup.com/mumbai-r-user-group/events/204390432/
So much data in one day :) Life is awesome !!
Now back to work in the lab.