The creator's dilemmas.

The creator has some traps he should always strive to guard against:

1) Be a neutral user
The desire to create makes you a biased user.
you tend to dislike everything you use.
you ignore solutions just around you.
Be a neutral user. Use whatever supports you.
One way to do this is to review solutions you use - This keeps you interested
in using existing solutions and also satiates your desire to contribute.

2) Fulfill your own needs.
The desire to contribute can lead you to ignore your own needs.
I need to buy a stool for my home but keep ignoring this need as i would love to find the time to make one.

3) Don’t Overlook collaboration oppurtunities.
Try to always accept collaboration chances if they fit in.
Make sure they are the right opportunities as well.

4) Save yourself from isolation.
This is hard to do.
but try and find 30 minutes a day atleast to connect with people who matter.
your parents,grandparents,spouse, siblings,nephews are usually not receiving quality attention as you strive to create.

5) Unwind just a little bit atleast.
yoga,martial arts,running are great activities for me.