How to get started as an investor on the internet (through flippa)

I love the internet.
I think humankind can achieve freedom through the internet.
Especially once crypto currencies become mainstream.
Ethereum , bitcoin are the ones to watch out for (- Hope bitcoin improves).

I like other internet fans have views,vision for the internet in contributing towards all of us becoming superpowers and free.

So i decided to get started as an investor in the internet.
I have decided to do this through flippa as well as crowdfunding.

This post is about how to get started on flippa without wasting much time.
Flippa can be a time sucker.
You gotta keepin check.

The main first rule of starting on flippa is - Don’t bid unless you have done your due diligence .
This is because once you bid and its accepted by the seller, then you cannot cancel your bid.
you will then have to compulsarily pay the amount you have bid for.

Heres my 30 minute daily strategy for flippa:

1) Daily spend 30 minutes to bid.
2) for first bid - ensure its around 600 usd or less.
3) ensure the listing/offering fulfills lean canvas.
4) ensure the listing/offering makes more than 5 usd currently.
5) ensure costs are low.
6) request for google analytics access