Places for inventors in mumbai.

Hello dudes and gals.

It is great to connect with all of you awesome folks through the internet.
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I talk about my journey to be an inventor and become free in life.

In this post I list down for you places that you should visit if you too like me wish to invent,create for making the world awesome.

1) Don bosco maritime academy
I did the lathe machine course here.
This is the best machine shop in mumbai and the best one i have seen in my life.
they have welding , milling , lathe and also cnc courses.
You can get down at dadar station , switch train to go to vidyavihar and from there take a share rickshaw to don bosco.
there is also a bus from santacruz east but it meets a lot of traffic .

2) makers asylum
get down at andheri station, take the metro to chakala.
from chakala - you need to find a bus.
good folks like rupin, viren, sachin hang out here.

3) Nehru science centre
it is near worli.
I will lookup directions and add later.

The architecture of the buildings and the grandeur is awesome.
Initially makers asylum was located here but then had to shift.
Try to meet creative folks at ISDI .
I see lot of young fashion creators here often.
I am listing this place mainly for the architecture and the canteen food.

5) Curiosity gym
This is a new maker space. they have events that you can attend.
Rupin works here on the electronics front.

I have also visited a great place called vigyan ashram in pabal - it is 6 hours drive from mumbai.
Get down at talegaon in any volvo that goes to pune.
then - chakan -> rajgurunagar -> pabal.
from chakan get a cab/hitchhike.
from rajgurunagar - you get government bus.
This place is heavenly scenic and well equipped.

If you guys come across any other spaces that support inventions - please do comment.

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Lamington Road for Electronics, Opera House for Automotive, Lohar Chawl for Electrical, Nagdevi for Tools etc. and capable of delivering ordered items in 24 hours.