My bucket list

Hello fellow hustlers.

In this post , I write my bucket list.
Help me universe to strike out items below:

1) Make an automobile that is pollution free and cost free and fun to ride.

2) Eliminate critical illnesses from the face of the planet.

3) Acquire phenomenal maker skills.

4) Be a chef of global repute.

5) Be a speaker of global repute

6) Write bestsellers that solve something for many people.

7) Play the guitar to keep a crowd enthralled for upto 30 minutes.

8) Sing a mean song.

9) Be able to fight off a ninja.

10) travel 20 countries

11) Dance on television and get a few jaw drops.

12) get ripped

13) run a marathon

14) win money at arm wrestling by fighting of the player of the day.

15) Live in own house in churchgate

16) Be a great father to 3 kids

17) Create one software that is useful to people.

18) contribute to 2 coding open source projects that are useful to people.

19) make 2 standup videos on youtube that get 1000 views each and 50 likes.

20) invent 2 science and tech  products that get used and help people.

21) Get loved by family members because i fullfill their expectations.

22) smoke real pot once.

23) have money in bank to not worry about living costs.

24) meet bollywood actors because i was able to do well in life.

25) Solve a lot for people through non profit ventures

26) be able to help 10 people to cross off items in their bucket list.

27) fly a private plane

28) play chess and get minimum FIDE ranking for it.

29) win local sports games like soccer , tennis ,badminton

30) have 3 best friends and travel with them without any plans.

31) get drunk and record videos and upload on youtube.

32) Have a personal farm to grow food and experiment.

Thats about it .
O Almighty - please help me to strike off items.