The daily blogging habit is on sale below.

Hola guys.

I was away from the blog from the last few days.
I managed to get tons of reading done and am back in full swing to work on my current projectsand writing on this awesome blog of mine to share my journey towards freedom.

So,Why should you start blogging daily ?
I am somehow sure one should.
Here are 4 imaginary conversations below that will try and sell to you the daily blogging habit.

First imaginary conversation

You: Hey mysterious imaginary friend. I have realized that my thoughts, thinking, strategy, choices contribute to my reality.
How can I refine my thinking and become like great thinkers?
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Sure, I can help you with this easily.
You tell me your thoughts daily and I shall help you refine them.
I shall help you to reason with your thoughts, question your thoughts, analyse different strategies.
I shall help you to think in a simple way.
Once your thoughts are well organized - you can share them with the world as well.
I shall help you with all this.
not only me , other readers will also comment on your writing.
You might even be lucky to build an audience for your ideas some day.
You: Really? Wow. you rock. How can we get started ? When should we meet daily ?
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Dude I am not mysterious.
My real name is - “Daily blogging habit”
I am yours forever to maintain :)

Second Imaginary Conversation

You: Hey mysterious imaginary friend.
I wish to better learn about my own strengths and weaknesses.
I don’t get time for introspection and feel I don’t know my real likes, dislikes, strengths.
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Sure,Lets meet daily.
you share with me how your day goes, where you get stuck, where you sail smoothly.
what activities you enjoy and what you dread.
I shall create a summary of all this and you will be on the path to self realization.
You: Wow, when do we start?
Mysterious Imaginary friend: My real name is the “daily blogging habit”.
You can set a time for working on me daily.
May the force be with you.

Third Imaginary Conversation

You:  Hey Mysterious Imaginary friend.
I feel my friends don’t support me in my creative journey.
My family also doesn’t understand my ways and are constantly steering me away from creating, inventing/
What do I do?
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Hey pal. maybe your friends , family don’t know the real you.
You tell me daily about what your dreams, aspirations are.
I shall try and get all your friends to know about this.
This way you will attract better activities, find new friends who support you in your journey.
We will also be able to stay clear of rough energy folks who suck out energy from you.
You: Are you the daily blogging habit ?
Mysterious Imaginary friend: You bet !!

Fourth Imaginary Conversation


Hey Mysterious Imaginary friend.
I am worried that i shall run out of cash, won’t reach my targets for my house, new car, bank balances.
If I just focus on creating, inventing - how will i be able to pay my bills.
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Hey , take the risk.
You start your invention journey today.
Lets meet daily and you share with me your learnings, your progress.
I shall sell your learnings, information to fellow journeymen.
we will be able to make enough money to survive my friend.
Lets go on the wild ride.
You: Wow sounds good. I bet your real name is “daily blogging habit” :)
Mysterious Imaginary friend: Cheers :)

Thank you for reading this far guys.
I am  just trying to convince myself here.
I shall report back how it goes.
Stay tuned.

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