One Investment idea for creators,inventors in mumbai

Recently I started to build up an investment portfolio.
During my research - I found several questions on quora as below :
How to invest 10 lakhs/15 lakhs/20 lakhs.

This question is not at all easy - especially if you are an aspiring creator/maker/inventor.

I found one good way to do this.
Here goes :

The maker is involved constantly with his new current projects.
One can purchase a commercial shop in the outskirts of mumbai such as mira road , vasai etc.
From this shop , one can offer services that support existing businesses such as education institutions, sme and similar institutions.
The services can be based around the new projects, inventions of the maker.
One can also setup a maker space around current projects,

So the asset will provide income from - real estate appreciation as well as from the services offerred.
The income from services offerred will beat the income that could come by just putting up the shop on rent.

I saw some great shops in poonam sagar area of mira road.
A great real estate agent in mira road is sameer based in sheetal nagar .
his office is in a car care shop near balaji studio in sheetal nagar.
the name of the office is vishesh real estate.
it is located near geeta arcade in sheetal nagar.

All the best makers for your investments.
Any other ideas - please post in comments and help fellow makers, inventors.
I have also written a post on how to start investing  on flippa.