My GTD beginning benefits.

Yo friends.

It’s been more than a month since my last post. Life has been wonderful with new learnings, couple of A-Ha moments and lots of joy juxtaposed with the usual struggles.

While introspecting one night, I realized that I think a lot about my own productivity.

There is constant evaluation about how I am doing and what I should be doing. This overthinking about goals, results, parettos rule etc at EOD sucks out a lot of energy and fun out of current projects.

Evaluating my own productivity had no good fixed formula or tool or pattern to it. It was a random overflow of thoughts in all directions right from:

  • cmon dude shape up before cash runs out.
  • did I do well today?
  • will todays tasks make me forward to my ultimate vision?
  • which idea should I try out next?

and so on.

So there was no method to figure out how I am performing on a daily basis and yet there was always a need to find if I did well today.

I started looking for solutions to this random overthinking. one solution offered by my friend to stop evaluating and just go with the flow for 6 months did not work for me.

And then one day - I stumbled upon david allen’s GTD introduction on youtube.

This was world changing for me. I just knew that what he offered as GTD was the thing I was looking for from years.

I had started using taskwarrior earlier but wasn’t using it with enthusiasm or with an objective to streamline personal productivity. I was just using it as my note taking application on ubuntu to not forget important links or ideas one keeps getting.

But now I was ready to implement MY GTD through task warrior.

I am now using taskwarrior as my gtd setup for a month and more. I have received tangible benefits. Here goes the list:

  • exponential reduction in overthinking about productvity.
  • on a daily basis I start my day by looking at task warrior to figure out what I need to do.
  • I complete my tasks better as I make a task for next step of each completed task.
  • I can evaluate my productivity easily by just marking completed tasks - I know how far I have come.
  • more continuity on tasks.
  • More tasks finished. yes!!

SO far I have not faced any problems with task warrior as my gtd implementation. The only must have feature I want now is mobile phone integration which I shall set up soon by creating a task server.[this is already added as a task in my taskwarrior. phew:)]

Just go for this if you haven’t already - It is really really life changing. ( nahi chalaa to paisaa vaapas).

You can use taskwarrior or simplegtd as your tools.

GTD gives you that #LikeABoss feeling of always being in control.