How to compute consciously.

In this post, I shall note down my ideas to compute mindfully. This post will serve as a reminder for me and support me to always compute mindfully.

Slow down while making choices.

Whenever we open a new tab or a link, we are making a choice. Slow down. Breathe. Ensure this choice will be contributing towards my final mission. Breathe again. Enjoy the consequences of your conscious choice.

Visit certain sites only during leisure time or training time.

Social Media and many other sites are mainly for leisure often disguised as education. Visit these sites under the time block (project) of leisure. Some videos or blogs may serve as education really. Visit these under the time block of learning. Do not mix learning time of different projects when possible. There are separate time blocks alloted for learning under each category. Honor, Accept, Adhere to learning time for each project.

Urgent tasks time block is set for EOD.

Check all urgent tasks such as emails, notifications at end of day. This will enable urgent tasks that come in today to go into the urgent tasks time block of tomorrow. Really urgent tasks such as a fire breaking down will be handled via phone calls or skype,whatsapp calls. Disable all automatic notifications of email, chat messages or social sites.

Choose standing time, sitting time ratio mindfully.

Stand for atleast 10 percent of total working time. Sit when legs start screaming. Keep hydrated and snacking on plant foods once in two hours. Take eyes off screen at every small completion or every twenty five minutes. Breathe.

Make the device your friend and control it.

The device is your tool. The only power it has against you is ADS, related links, It has no other power. Make the device your friend. Control it well to achieve your mission. When it forces an AD on you, smile, breathe. Observe your thoughts. Let the moment pass.

Remember - you are the man on the mission. you will win with your device by controlling it precisely, with joy. You Shall Win.