Conversations at the Mumbai Computer Club meeting on 2nd June 2016.

Anshul mentioned the below points :

  • Anshul along with Bilal moderated the meeting amazingly well.(I realized every meeting must have a moderator to make the experience reasonable for each participant.)
  • Introduced the idea behind Elxir language to the group. Elixir compiles code into erlang. Elixir has syntax like ruby. similar to how scala compiles code for the jvm.
  • We all saw the angularjs dashboard built for limo app. It looked neat and was updating in real time. Anshul explained about how crowdsourcing works to build routes for limo app.
  • While describing benefits of functional language over imperative, he was of the view that architecture when done right weighs out language choice decisions.
  • Looking to try out crystal.
  • Mentioned that microsoft is getting more open source now with clx working on linux. Dot net fighting for a comeback.
  • Discussed futuristic visions for commute in cities. The world is surely changing to be more environment friendly.
  • Explained how one process cannot see the data of another process. This guarantee comes from the OS.
  • Dislikes emacs :)
  • Impressed by progress made by JS.
  • Enjoying coding in Elixir currently as he subscribes to the idea that enjoying the tools we use and being happy with them is important.
  • Tough to run haskell in production.
  • Fixes next meeting on june 16th at 7 pm.
  • Scala adoption is low.

Pritesh mentioned the below points :

  • Shared this youtube video to get introduced to functional programming with javascript:
  • Interested in crystal performance boost.
  • He will be organizing mumbai ruby meetup on a weekend.
  • Impressed with JS progress.
  • He is consulting startups on performance design.
  • Julia language performance benchmarks are high.
  • Google has started a big setup in hyderabad.Apple too has now setup an office in hyderabad.

Bilal mentioned the below points:

  • Impressed with how you can build desktop native apps with electron.Atom is built using electron.
  • [philosophy] Keep an open mind to look for all the answers as they are out there.
  • Recommends silicon valley sitcom.
  • Crystal uses strong types, is like ruby and gives a performance boost.
  • Digital ocean data centre is now in bangalore. Will we get higher speed for our hosted apps now ?
  • Exciting that limo app is running elixir in production. Probably first in mumbai to do so.
  • Functional conf maybe happening in coming september.
  • Js could really dominate one day.

Karan mentioned the below points:

  • With one week’s learning of haskell from LYAH- I tried to line up(guess) reasons behind functional language use for parallelism.
  • Because of refrential transparency and freedom from side effects offered by functional language - we can use it to solve concurrency and enable parallel computing. (I realized i havent clearly understood this yet and need to make examples to prove this.)
  • Introduced ethereum, hledger to the group.
  • Suggested instant gratification on first use of limo app.
  • Explained what a side effect is. Once you say a = 5 in a function, you cannot then say a = 7. It will be a compile error. (What are you lying?)